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Let your data tell your story.

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Trivium BI Services

Customized Data Solutions

 Based on your priorities, we develop data structures and dashboards designed to provide clarity and contextualization of your data. 
Common solution topics include:

  • Enrollment trends

  • Retention and graduation trends

  • Registration trends

  • Course success trends

  • Course load analysis

  • Peer benchmarking


Managed Services

Trivium BI offers a wide range of options within managed services, including assistance with:

  • Accreditation, assessment & planning

  • Dashboard Development​

  • Data analysis & reporting

  • Survey management

  • Enrollment & retention modeling

  • Admissions modeling

  • Identification of key risk factors 

  • Guided facilitation of data insights

  • Facilitation of strategic communication

  • Contextual insights informed by peer analyses and national trends.

Financial Benchmarking

Trivium BI offers a variety of analyses designed to facilitate financial benchmarking, including:

  • Institutional revenue & expenses

  • Net revenue by program

  • Salary expenditures by program

  • Faculty workload

  • Course fill rate analyses

  • Net revenue by course

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