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Customized Data Solutions

Trivium BI works with organizations to identify appropriate data priorities and trends that can be leveraged to gain improved understanding and decision-making.
Based on your priorities, we develop data structures and dashboards designed to provide clarity and contextualization of your data.

Once data solutions are developed, we provide targeted coaching on how to effectively apply and leverage the insights gained from the data.

Managed Services

The scope of managed services includes:

  • Accreditation, Assessment & Planning

    • Accreditation reviews and audits; identification of potential compliance issues

    • Assistance with development of accreditation reports

    • Development of assessment processes and materials

    • Evaluation of existing assessment processes

    • Strategic planning support and data collection

  • Dashboard Development​

    • Development of interactive dashboards, on topics such as:

      • Enrollment trends

      • Retention and graduation trends

      • Registration trends

      • Course success trends

      • Peer benchmarking


  • Data Analysis & Reporting

    • Evaluation of data structures (data audits)

    • Federal/state/institutional reporting

    • Analysis of institutional data, on topics such as:

      • Enrollment

      • Retention and graduation

      • Course load analysis

      • Course success

      • Guided facilitation of data insights

      • Ad hoc analyses and reporting


  • Survey Management

    • Institutional survey development, deployment, and analysis

    • Management of external survey deployment (NSSE, CIRP, etc.)

    • Facilitation of external college guide surveys (USNWR, Peterson’s, etc.​)​

Enrollment Management Services

The scope of enrollment management services includes:

  • Enrollment & Retention Modeling

    • Analysis of historical admissions and enrollment trends to determine areas for targeted gains.

    • Analysis of historical persistence, retention, and graduation trends to determine attrition risk for specific segments of the student body.

    • Identification of key risk factors which impact enrollment, persistence, retention, and graduation.

    • Based on above analyses, development of enrollment and retention analytics to support institutional priorities to increase persistence, retention, and graduation, as well as to support enrollment growth and stabilization, and increase net tuition revenue.

  • Guided Facilitation of Data Insights

    • Customized recommendations on appropriate goals, targets, and action steps to increase enrollment, persistence, retention, and graduation.

    • Contextual insights informed by peer analyses and national trends.

    • Translation of findings from data analyses into dashboards containing accessible information for decision-making.

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