Customized Data Solutions

Trivium BI works with organizations to identify appropriate data priorities and trends that can be leveraged to gain improved understanding and decision-making.


Based on your priorities, we develop data structures and dashboards designed to provide clarity and contextualization of your data.

Once data solutions are developed, we provide targeted coaching on how to effectively apply and leverage the insights gained from the data.

Power BI Training

We provide customized Power BI workshop-style training tailored to your data priorities. Through custom hands-on training, attendees learn:

  • how to transition data into interactive dashboards; and

  • the basics of data modeling, dashboard development, and data sharing in Power BI.


At the end of the workshop, attendees leave trainings with a ready to use dashboard tailored to their own data structures.

Guided Insights

Trivium BI provides a range of Institutional Research functions including:

  • data analysis and data-informed coaching

  • accreditation support

  • federal and external reporting

  • predictive modeling

  • program review and assessment

  • enrollment management

  • student success support

  • student success pathways studies