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About Trivium BI

At Trivium BI, we understand that understanding your data is critical to your institution's success. Since 2015, we’ve been helping institutions of all sizes make sense of their data in order to stay competitive. 

Our team of experts is ready to help you uncover data insights and develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving. Contact us today to set up your first consultation.

Our Process

Trivium BI enables organizations to implement Business Intelligence within an accelerated timeframe and works collaboratively with your organization to:

  • provide customized data coaching 

  • understand your primary business questions, 

  • understand your data and data sources, 

  • develop custom visualizations using Power BI, and 

  • deploy the custom solution to your preferred environment.

As a result of the partnership, organizations not only attain a working visualization solution developed by Trivium BI, but also guidance on how to maintain the solution and develop additional solutions independently.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Strategist

Chief Data Architect

Accreditation Specialist

Senior Data Analyst

PJ LeBlanc, Jr.

Report Developer Intern


The Trivium Moment

Trivium BI guides its partners to experience the “Trivium Moment,” the moment when organizations:

  • ​gain the ability to clearly see their data, 

  • understand inherent data patterns and structures, and 

  • are able to articulate data findings to guide and persuade stakeholders to facilitate organizational learning related to determinative business question(s).

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