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Let your data tell your story.

In the world of all things data, TRIVIUM BI guides its partners to know their data, understand the inherent patterns, and use data-informed insights to facilitate decision-making. 

The “Trivium Moment” occurs when the obscure that is right before our eyes suddenly becomes crystal clear and the impossible transforms into the possible.



In response to the demand for custom Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, Trivium BI partners with organizations to facilitate clarity gained from a deeper understanding of data. Trivium BI guides its partners to experience the “Trivium Moment,” the moment when organizations:


  • ​gain the ability to clearly see their data, 

  • understand inherent data patterns and structures, and 

  • are able to articulate data findings to guide and persuade stakeholders to facilitate organizational learning related to determinative business question(s).



Customized data solutions

Trivium BI works with organizations to identify appropriate data priorities and trends that can be leveraged to gain improved understanding and decision-making.

Based on your priorities, we develop data structures and dashboards designed to provide clarity and contextualization of your data.


Once data solutions are developed, we provide targeted coaching on how to effectively apply and leverage the insights gained from the data.

Power BI Training

We provide customized Power BI workshop-style training tailored to your data priorities. Through custom hands-on training, attendees learn:

  • how to transition data into interactive dashboards; and

  • the basics of data modeling, dashboard development, and data sharing in Power BI.


At the end of the workshop, attendees leave trainings with a ready to use dashboard tailored to their own data structures.

Managed Services

Trivium BI provides a range of Institutional Research functions including:

  • data analysis and data-informed coaching

  • accreditation support

  • federal and external reporting

  • predictive modeling

  • program review and assessment

  • enrollment management

  • student success support

  • student success pathways studies

The Trivium BI Process

At the most concise level, Trivium BI partners with organizations in the development of a data strategy. This is achieved through our three-stage process:​​

1. Trivium BI works with organizations to identify appropriate data priorities and trends which can be leveraged to gain improved understanding and decision-making.

2. Trivium BI develops data structures and dashboards which provide clarity and contextualization of the key data elements.

3. Trivium BI aids organizations in determining how to effectively apply and leverage the insights gained from the data.

Trivium BI enables organizations to implement Business Intelligence within an accelerated timeframe and works collaboratively with your organization to:


  • provide customized data coaching 

  • understand your primary business questions, 

  • understand your data and data sources, 

  • develop custom visualizations using Power BI, and 

  • deploy the custom solution to your preferred environment.

As a result of the partnership, organizations not only attain a working visualization solution developed by Trivium BI, but also guidance on how to maintain the solution and develop additional reports independently.



Resche Hines, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Angela Henderson, PhD
Chief Data Architect



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